All Dead, All Dead

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by All Dead, All Dead.

Here’s the old Beastmaster sprite I mentioned earlier. I wonder if it’s exclusive to him now.

Not to be outdone by Colbert, Jon Stewart makes an appearance here.

This game likes rain almost as much as I do. This is the battle where for a change our heroes have the high ground, and oh what a high ground it is. The enemies didn’t stand a chance even in the original version.

With his Berserk abilities, Denim manages to do what eight seasons of 24 couldn’t. Kill Chloe.

Our downtrodden kinsmen are not inspired to revolt.

Here’s the first big path to choose. The first time through, most people will naturally object to this. Not following orders will give them the Chaos route. The Duke’s plan is to blame the massacre on the Galgastan, thus firing up the Walister and giving them a real shot at winning the war. Agree to this and you’re on the Law route.

I’m playing this at the same time as two friends of mine, and I drew the Law straw. I really hate doing this.

Vyce comes out with a new portrait, just like in the original. Whatever Denim does, he does the other. Refuse to take part in this and he goes crazy evil. It doesn’t entirely make sense, but it’s one of the benefits of going Law. On Chaos he’ll eventually be executed, on Law he can be recruited before the end.

Newcomer Ravness isn’t as fickle as Vyce, she’ll always object to this. Reports from the Chaos camp say that if Vyce goes crazy evil here, he kills her. Wow. It’s not unheard of for a remake to introduce a new character, but leave it to Matsuno to kill her off in chapter one for most people playing this their first time.

Catiua stays with Denim regardless.

From what I can tell, Denim isn’t the one actually carrying out the slaughter, but he may as well be.

FFT could have really used this. Really, really used this. Too bad it’s 13 years late.

I’m going to try and include a lot of Ravness stuff since it’s entirely new content. The last shot there must have been taken during a thunderclap.

Thus starts one of the hardest battles in the game originally. That nice height advantage is flip turned upside down (won’t be the last time, either). Thankfully this battle isn’t nearly as “pulling your hair out” as it was for me in 1999. Back then characters died permanently when they ran out of health, and I couldn’t stand to lose anyone. I wasn’t able to clear this fight until I noticed the PS1 version had an in-battle save option. Anyway, while this is easier than it used to be, there’s still a pissed off Ravness to deal with. She’ll attack both sides, though she heads straight for Denim’s forces.

It’s revealed here that she’s actually half Galgastani, which would be a big deal if there weren’t a massacre taking place at the same time.


You’ll notice I’ve kinda sidestepped her. This game is pretty notorious for not letting the player recruit a character if they die in battle, and I’d like to think there’s some way to get her later.

I had a good thing going for a while where she would attack Catiua and Catiua would heal herself. Eventually Ravness got enough TP to use her finishing blow, and Catiua had to retreat for the first time.

We win the battle and Ravness bails. Vyce also shouts out something about how Denim is a dead man.

This is pretty horrifying stuff from a game that came out in 1995.

Now we have to live with it.

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One Response to All Dead, All Dead

  1. It’s amazing that Chloe survived 24. She debuted in Season 3, though, so technically she only survived six seasons. Which is still amazing for 24.
    I went Chaos during the big decision time. It’s interesting how the “evil” decision makes you Law and the “good” decision makes you Chaos. Most games would have that reversed. Weird how Vyce does the opposite no matter what, but hey. As a result, in my game Vyce has been a psycho bad guy ever since.

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