Death on Two Legs

This Tactics Ogre post was brought to you by Death on Two Legs.

Just a small update here during Daily Show before I hit the sack (…and play the game more).

Cute little bit here. Back in the old game, the exorcism spell took out an undead unit in one hit. He tried to do that here, but it had no effect. The reason for this is that now the undead have to be exorcised while they’re crumpled.

The nefarious James Rolfe became so angry that he burst out of his own skin!

I completely adore this battlefield for the heavy rain effects. Undead are a pain to deal with though.

I discovered something cool here. The Chariot actually remembers alternate histories in case the player wanted to go back (and then a little bit forward).

Voltare and Sara are kinda the Rad, Alicia, and Lavian of this game. They’re generic as all get-out, but they do have profiles in the Warren Report.

This map has a lighter rain, and it’s still a great effect. I made a point to get into a random battle here because I remember the next fight being an uphill trudge. At this point I discover that the random encounter rate has gone WAY DOWN, and retreat is possible from any random fight before it even starts.

This is a huge improvement, as by the end the map is huge, and whether you do it by fighting battles or saving and loading, moving around takes a while and is a hassle.

Class list. I have yet to get a male Archer or a female Berserker, so those spots aren’t doubled up. What already existed has been changed a bit too. Witches used to be status-spell users, now they’re identical to wizards. I believe Warlock/Siren later on will be the same. Priest and… er… Exorcist?… whatever they called that class… anyway, they were different classes, although similar. Now they’re the same.

At the moment the limit is 8 (it might have something to do with the two guest characters), but the character limit in battle has been raised to 12, I hear. Not sure how common that is. I know that there can now be as many as 18 enemies too. Hopefully I won’t be running against that many for a while yet.

Three reasons why this battle is a pain: First, he hits hard. Second, all of the units are undead, meaning they can all come back to life unless they can be exorcised fast enough. Getting enough MP for the spell is tough, especially when your healers need to… you know, heal. Third, the enemy has the high ground and isn’t quick to give it up.

I did well at first, but eventually I couldn’t keep up with the enemy and my squishies (mages, healers, archers) got crumpled. In the original game, this was a great chance to recruit a Ghost, one of the best units in the game. The last time I played the game in 2008 I did just that and got a Ghost named Boner. Hilarious. I don’t know if Ghosts are quite as good as they used to be though, and more to the point, the recruitment mechanic is different. The only class that can recruit a Ghost now is a Necromancer, so… yeah. Not gonna have one of those for a long time.

Fortunately for me, the win condition is to take him out. I snuck Canopus around the side (you can barely see him up there) to shoot from above while Denim went up the gut as others healed him before they died. This is actually an optional battle, which is probably another reason why the difficulty is so high. I bet it has some effects later on though, especially now that Necromancer is a class. Looking forward to what’s to come. …and no more undead for a while, please!

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One Response to Death on Two Legs

  1. Donnalto is my go-to healer in this game. Canopus functions really well as an assassin due to his mobility and range attack power, and I’ve won a few battles by having him take out the enemy leader. Undead really are a pain in this game, and having just reached Chapter 4 I wonder what the long-term repercussions of taking on Nybeth in that early battle are.

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