Under Pressure

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Under Pressure.

The Duke plans to form a non-intervention pact with the Dark Knights so we’ll be free to wage war against the Galgastan. Our heroes aren’t happy with this, as their parents were killed by the DKs.

Check it out, it’s Stephen Colbert! Out hunting bears, no doubt. It occurs to me that these five classes here must be considered the more basic classes now since they can be bought outright. Notice that Colbert is Galgastani himself. It probably has to do with where units are hired. They won’t all necessarily be Walister.

Check out the three guests.  I think that’s as many as the game allows.


Vyce tends to charge forward and break skulls. He’s a real hothead. Sometimes this gets him taken out before I can heal him, but he can teleport away.

This is actually a screen from the training menu. I didn’t check these out at first out of fear of it being a long-winded video I couldn’t skip, but I should have assumed it would be better now.

Some early stats. The focus of the game isn’t always going to be anti-Galgastan, so if the player grinds like mad early in the game and kills too many of them, they might have some problems later on.

An item that can make it rain on any battlefield? Yes please.

The first difficult “save this person or lose the battle” map. So difficult that I lose. They give you the option not to save her which would make the fight easier, but if she dies, she dies.  No recruitment chance later. The problem is that she’s on the other side of the map and insists on fighting. My healers don’t have a whole lot of movement, either.

I figure out a strategy using the new game mechanics. In this new version any character can use any spell scroll in the inventory. The scroll is lost afterwards, but it works. Actually, the character does learn the spell at the time, but it doesn’t matter if their class can’t use it. So I flew Canopus over towards her, and with a little luck from enemies missing, he got close enough to heal.

Here’s another big change, non-humans can class change as well. Some of them are even classes humans can’t get. So if I wanted to make Canopus a flying Cleric, then he could use that heal spell.

You see the sprite with the cape next to Denim? That’s the female Knight. In the original game, the Knight class was… awful. They’ve been fixed in this, but I still have negative associations looking at the male Knight sprite. So this way I get to use the improved class while looking at a better sprite.

Here’s another shot of the top-down view. When I first saw this feature I didn’t think too much of it, but I actually find myself using it every now and then.

Here’s something TO got right from the very beginning, the coolness that is the spell speeches. If they popped up every time it’d get annoying, but seeing them every now and then is nice.

She’s part of a Bakram resistance group that doesn’t like their current leader. Vyce wants nothing to do with them.

He can be a real asshole. Not sure if I’ll see her again in this playthrough.

I got a new title from telling Cistina that I also want peace (as opposed to just freeing the Walister). I don’t think these titles do anything, but the newest one is displayed on the world map.

Here’s an interesting change. It turns out this new sprite dude with the doo-rag is a Beast Tamer. The previous Beast Tamer sprite was a bald old man.  Guess he wasn’t hip enough for the portable generation. Another thing of note, the old Dragon Tamer sprite is now the female version of the class.

The pact is formed. Catiua speaks up, and you’re given the chance to back her up and tell her to quiet down. I back her up. DK Lans apologizes, as the attack on their town was based on “false information.” Sure does suck when that happens.

Up north I start to see Bakram folk that can be recruited. No need, though.

Denim talks a bit with the Paladin Lans. Our new mission is to encourage a large group of oppressed Walister folk in the west to rise up against the Galgastan.

Ravness (new PSP character extraordinaire) accompanies us for the mission. The enemy boss on this map is named… Groin?

This is cool, if I ever want to class change Canopus, I can change him back now. Class changing in this game requires using up an item.  Most class marks can be bought in stores, but a few are rare.  I got these Peregrine’s Marks from enemy drops.

There’s the new Beast Tamer. Since it’s a class I haven’t used before he’s level 1 (he’ll catch up quick though), but as luck has it he’s gonna get a kill on this map after all. Throw Stone is great for this.

Here’s the entire Chapter 1 map. Far to the west lies the end of the chapter, and one of the more memorable events in video game history. Stay tuned.

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One Response to Under Pressure

  1. The top-down view looks like something out of the early SNES era.
    Groin and Boner the Ghost should form a tag-team.
    Good work saving Cistina. I managed to save her too, but she got killed later in the game. Only character I’ve lost. Her survivability wasn’t the best, and when I finally lost her, it was during a tough battle that I had no desire to repeat. Well, you can’t save ’em all.

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