Sweet Lady

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Sweet Lady.

First things first, here’s the short little video for the Chapter 2 (lawful) intro. Well, there’s a ton after the video, but you’ll know when the intro ends.

I’ve gone from Hero to Butcher.

I check the Warren Report regularly, and after I read this news item, another place to go showed up on the map. It pays to pay attention to these things.

Check out the branching path in the bottom left corner. I imagine with the WORLD system eventually you can fill out the entire thing. Genius.

He admits to carrying on a legacy of animosity, but realizes that revenge for the past isn’t his goal.

This is the boss of the map I just killed. Even the minor characters have a history.

This map really reminds me of Final Fantasy XII.

My badass Knight using the Phalanx skill. Until her next turn she now takes 90% less damage.


I think this is the first time I’ve seen thought bubbles pop up.

Denim and crew roll in to save the day, and she tells us this. Which is to say, she’ll fight the enemy until they’re not in range, then she’ll fight me.

This will become important for Denim as well.

That enemy Cleric is quite… effulgent.

I’ve saved her, but she doesn’t join me.  Still, she’s alive, and where there’s life there’s hope.

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2 Responses to Sweet Lady

  1. Good Cecily reference. Also, it appears that Ravness is Jeff Hardy.

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