Sail Away Sweet Sister

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Sail Away Sweet Sister.

Check it out, a ghost from Xenobia. About the only thing I miss from the original game is the ease in which you can get a ghost. Oh well, they’ve likely been nerfed anyway, and the only ghost I want is one named Boner.

It took me this long to really catch on to the new way magic works. In the original, each character could only have three spells at once. Now they can learn every spell in the game, but are limited to what they can use by level, class, and which elemental skill is equipped. The skill slots max out at 10 and they’ll need the augment element skill as well, so it’s a better idea to just pick an element and run with it. There’s still a nice page of spells available after all of that. Yukiko has targeted attack, indirect attack, attack power up, attack power down, and defense power down. I didn’t know any of this at first, I just gave her fire because she’s Yukiko. Seems to have worked out well though.

Here’s something new to the game, a timesink to enhance equipment and make new items. Fortunately most of the required materials are sold in the shops as well.

Thanks to all of the multiplayer I’ve done in the past I know how useful this spell is.  Higher speed equals more turns.

The Archer Formally Known as Aloser (yes, THAT Aloser) shows up here.

Her brother was at Balmamusa.

We didn’t do it, but we let it happen. Most of chapter 2 involves coming to terms with this.

There was a big clash between the armies… and we lost.

Catiua has had enough and wants to get out while the getting is good. Oh, I meant to bring this up earlier. We can see their blue and red accessories in their portraits now.

You know, Suikoden 2 and Tactics Ogre have a lot in common. The first game in both series contains people that rise up and form their own nation, and some of them show up in the next game (Canopus/Lans and Flik/Viktor). Harmonia and Lodis are very similar. The hero has an older sister who objects to the fighting and tries to convince him to leave entirely. They’re also two of the best games ever made.

I never thought I’d be on a boat…

Yo Samberg, what’s happenin? This is the new Rogue class (and in the enemy’s blue color scheme, heavily resembles the beast tamer). It’s notable for being able to steal, but the mechanics aren’t the same as in FFT.

I save Xapan from a bunch of pirates and he joins me. In this new version, characters with their own portrait (but generic class sprite) get a unique color scheme on the sprite. Also, his faction is “Headhunters” and their flag is a little picture of Denim. I thought that was funny.

It’s funny, on the Chaos route this guy is a constant thorn in your side, even kidnapping Catiua at one point. He’ll be a valuable ally now. The plot picks up again next time.

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One Response to Sail Away Sweet Sister

  1. If you’d watched Game of Thrones before writing this you could have totally made a Sansa reference with that ghost.
    Donnalto should be Denim’s spokesman. Nearly everything he says exudes character, and he comes across like a good spokesman.
    Having played chaos, all I see when I look at Xapan is a bastardly recurring foe.

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