Keep Yourself Alive

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Keep Yourself Alive.

We may have lost at the big battle, but losses were heavy on both sides. The Duke’s plan is now to ask the DKs for help. Leonar and the Duke aren’t seeing eye-to-eye anymore.

Here’s a surprising part. I don’t remember if this was in the original or not.

This might be the only time the player gets to pick dialogue for someone other than Denim.

I do believe Catiua has a fan.

This guy clearly doesn’t know her very well.

He had her attention until he started on the whole “Denim sucks” thing.

Oh snap!  This is rather lighthearted for this game.

Gousin has the distinction of being the first Ninja unit. Here’s some of the new ninja summon magic. It can do between one to three hits, making it a bit random. Not a terrible option if when out of normal attack range.

…and now he’s dead. With his death come the first Ninja classmark cards. Some classes have naming distinctions between the genders. Wizard/Enchantress, Rune Fencer/Valkyrie, and now Ninja/Kunoichi. That tiny sprite looks pretty badass.

It’s Suikoden time again, as Denim is asked to become a leader of men. …but this is Tactics Ogre, so the ascension requires assassination. I decline.

Here it is again.

Got another title from it, though I’ve been free of the Butcher one since I saved Xapan.

The Resistance and the New Walister Alliance clash at Rhime. Vyce doesn’t want to fight, but the Archer Formerly Known as Aloser has other ideas.

He’s a Ranger now, which I believe is a unique class for him.

This is the first fight in which I really dominate through excessive use of Haste.

The battle’s done and we kinda won when… the Dark Knights invade!

Paladin Lans happens to be stationed here and clashes with the DKs.

Keep yourself alive.

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One Response to Keep Yourself Alive

  1. “He had her attention until he started on the whole “Denim sucks” thing”. That’s how it goes a lot of the time.
    It looks like Ninjitsu may well be worthwhile, given the damaging potential of summons. I’ll certainly look into it on my Ninja-heavy team.

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