You’re My Best Friend

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by You’re My Best Friend.

The Dark Knights were merciless.

I didn’t agree to assassinate him, but the Duke has gone out of control and is going to get us all killed. We storm the castle. The original translation of the game was nothing special (not FFT bad, but not great), but for some odd reason it had a lot of Star Wars quotes. At this point I remember him saying “I think you greatly overestimate their chances!” to the soldier asking him to run away. It really took me out of the game when I’d suddenly be thinking of Star Wars.

The intro battles replay themselves here, but a tutorial this no longer is. (See? Still thinking of Star Wars.) Check out Canopus being awesome.

The outside battle was pretty tough, the enemy had two dragons and two golems which took forever to kill. My kingdom for a Dragoon.  That class excels in killing annoying large creatures.

Terror Knights are no joke, even if he is named after Dan Marino.

Jayne is a girl’s name.

Xapan wrecking stuff with the axe’s finishing blow. One nice thing about special characters is that they come with their weapon of choice skill already leveled up enough to have a unique attack. This is significant as most of my starting characters STILL don’t have one.

Even if you didn’t know Leonar’s intentions, it’s obvious what was going to happen. They were arguing the whole chapter, and suddenly they’re friends? The Duke is as good as dead.

Denim is cleaning up in the halls when…

Leonar is a dick!

Denim takes the full blame for Balmamusa and the people rally behind Leonar the hero. That’s his plan.

Leonar is actually trying to convince Denim that his death will be good for everyone. I don’t think it would have worked regardless, but Catiua forbidding him to die was pretty funny.

Things look pretty bad for Denim, when…


The final battle of Chapter 2 is on. It’s a four-on-one, but that one is helluva tough. There’s another problem too. I changed Denim into a Ninja a little while back, and he’s been playing catch-up in level. He’s only three levels behind at this point, but it’s still significant. Even with two weapons I can only do about 20 damage per attack.

With these odds against me, I come up with a plan. I stay out of his way to see how much Vyce can do to him at first. Unfortunately it isn’t much, but it takes his attention off of me.


During this time I restore all of Catiua’s MP. If I need healing she’s gonna heal me, but if I don’t and she has the MP for it, she’ll buff me instead. I taught her Haste before this, but she had never used it as she always had someone to heal. Vyce bails when his HP gets low and The Archer Formerly Known as Aloser goes with him, but now I’m ready. With the Ninja’s movement range of 5 I can actually move out of his own range, and sometimes even get two turns to his one. With these advantages and Catiua healing me, he never had a chance.

Win or lose, the Walister now have a hero and a scapegoat.

Chapter 2… End.

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2 Responses to You’re My Best Friend

  1. Dragons and Golems are really annoying to take down. Having Draconology and Golemy on fighters isn’t really optimal when they take up 20% of your skill slots, so more often than not I end up having to whittle them down.
    It looks like the final battle of chapter 2 was a bit easier than the one-on-one Denim/Vyce fight on the chaos path. That fight was awful, easily the hardest in the game.

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