Who Needs You

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Who Needs You.

Here’s the Chapter 3 (lawful) intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJGBQ79m2Qw

The DKs weren’t supposed to sack Rhime, the ones that were there only did it because the Bakram ordered it. Lodis is not pleased. Hooray for politics!

We see a hint of what the DKs are actually up to. Prancet is Denim and Catiua’s father, who it seems wasn’t killed after all.

Oz and Ozma are introduced. DBZ fans would understand what I mean when I say that they’re the 17 and 18 of the game.  To everyone else, I’ll just say that the two are ridiculously strong and that they made for some really tough boss battles in the original version.

I don’t remember this information about a betrothal being there before, but it has been a few years since I last played.

Here’s the plan. Vyce will do his best to meet the advancing Galgastani army head on, while Denim sneaks around from behind and takes out their now-poorly guarded capital.

I don’t have much to add here, so I’ll let the images do most of the talking.

Going by the music cue and Denim’s reaction, this is a bombshell. I don’t think I need to state which Star Wars quotes were used here the first time around.

This is pretty complicated stuff, but if I’m gonna pass judgement, then I say Catiua isn’t really being fair here.

Flawless heroes our cast are not. Keep in mind the importance she places in blood ties later on.

There’s the scene we just saw in the Warren Report, but there’s also a scene I didn’t see at all. I suppose this is when the player has to start paying attention to the tidings screen as well, as there are some scenes exclusive to it.

I can’t help but think that it’s a shame there’s no way for chaotic route Vyce to atone for his crimes, but I suppose if he could be acquired regardless of route, there would be less point in having different paths.

Vyce leaves to face the armies (of compassion) head-on, and Catiua leaves to return to Golyat. She claims that she doesn’t want Denim to leave her, so she leaves. Yep.

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One Response to Who Needs You

  1. You’re spot-on about Oz and Ozma being the #17 and #18 of the game. Does this make Lans the #16 of the game?

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