Fight From the Inside

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Fight From the Inside.

Oh… shit. I know this kind of thing can happen since these games have a lot of invisible stats. I really didn’t think I’d have to worry about it though. She didn’t leave, but she’s pissed. I could assume she overheard me joking about her crappy AI in Persona 3, but after giving it some more thought I figured it out. I checked everyone else out, and they all seemed happy enough with me, except for Junpei who was on the fence. I thought back to when I created them, and it did ask me to assign an alignment. I thought it was odd since that’s no longer a class requirement, but made most of them lawful since I was gonna be playing that path, then Junpei neutral and Mitsuru chaos for variety’s sake. That’s gotta be why this is happening. Kinda sucks for me, since as I already went to the trouble to make my own generics I could have stopped this from happening. Still, I’m in Chapter 3 now, so I’m gonna start getting more characters soon, and Mitsuru coincidentally happens to be my least useful. I could try and risk it with her for a while and hope I get enough Fool cards (they raise loyalty) to get her out of the danger zone, but now I’m worried about Junpei and I noticed Xapan isn’t thrilled either. Sure, he’s chaos aligned, but you can only get him on the lawful path! UPDATE: Since then I’ve ditched Mitsuru (she can stay pissed in the menu screen) and have come across quite a few Fool cards. Junpei is now happier, and Xapan is further away from the danger zone.

I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

The music in the winter battlefields is really good. All of the music in this has been ridiculously well done.

I love the new background shots for multi-battle areas.

Yikes, I picked the much more annoying path. I should have looked at those battlefields in the last picture more carefully. Look at my guys having to squeeze their way through.

Ninja is just about caught up now.

A rare non-battle sprite and portrait.

Denim is starting to see the bigger picture.

You get to make a choice here.

Say the right thing and the first Dragoon joins up. Just in time to replace the traitorous Mitsuru. Normally Dragoons are orangeish tan, but his armor is red. I finally have someone that can deal with the large sized monsters.

This is the first casting quote I’ve seen pop up for a ninja spell. For a moment I wondered why it looked so odd, and then it hit me. It’s a haiku.

There’s a new “weapon” in the game called the lobber. It’s one handed, and all it does it throw items. This can be extremely useful seeing as how items have gone from “may as well not exist” to “completely change the nature of the battle.

Xapan erasing a squishy from existence.

Check out the translucent sprite in the center. Knights can get a power to make a shadow clone with a rampant aura effect that prevents movement past it (just like the Knights themselves have). It only has one HP, but I’m still amazed by how much better this class is.  Look forward to more good stuff next time!

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  1. Who knew that witches had cold teats?

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