One Vision

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by One Vision.

Your haiku insults have no effect on me Wilham.

One of my favorite spell animations in the game. I love how magic has gone from a 15 second bore-a-thon to a 1 second visual treat.

This battle starts with two undead dragons already knocked out. The trick is to position two clerics correctly at the start, have someone restore their MP before they go, and have them haste themselves on their first round while they move. With this setup they can get just close enough to exorcise the dragons before they revive. It’s pretty intense.

Our army… has lost. This is the first time you see Balbatos.

The battle is lost, but we’ve already made it to the enemy keep. Apollinaire is a sweet name.

Balbatos can’t believe it, and rather than be captured, he takes his own life.

In the east, the Galgastan have taken Almorica castle and have Vyce locked up. So in a way we’ve switched places with them. The war isn’t over yet.

There’s one more thing to take care of though. During her time off-screen Ravness has been assisting the good people of Galgastan, including their young prince that Balbatos had been lording over.

We come across her being attacked, and battle is once more upon us.

She’s found a purpose in her life. Or it’s really cold.

He doesn’t know just how true that is. Don’t you just love the in-battle conversations this series is known for?

Denim with a verbal haiku smackdown of his own.

Does this mean what I think it means?

It took a while, but we finally got Ravness.

My very first unique character. Well, after Canopus, but I’ve had him from the beginning. She’s a Valkyrie by default (take THAT Mitsuru!) and also has the option to become a White Knight, which is a special class. I don’t have any marks for that yet though. Onward!

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  1. I wonder if Apollinaire has any relation to Euphaire.

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