Seaside Rendezvous

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Seaside Rendezvous.

That little poison icon looks like a babble.

Check out the difference in attack power between a normal hit and with Dragonslayer activated. It costs 50 TP to use, the damage done is so high that he’ll earn the TP back. He can do this for beasts as well. This is actually a lower number than normal too as he’s giving up a 6 level difference. Levels are a big deal in this game. Not only for the increased stats (as in most games), but all equipment is level-based too, so just one level can jump a class up to the next sword or whatnot.

Denim has become pretty good at heroic speaking.

Female Swordmaster is pretty badass. There’s only one Swordmaster I need, though.

This battle is unexpectedly tough. Every time you kill one of his four beasts, he buffs himself and debuffs your entire party. You can’t get around it either, other than by not killing them. Clearly the smart strategy is to just bumrush the boss, but I went for the full monty.

I seem to remember this random character name from other games in the series.

It’s Catiua time again, so once again the pictures are going to do most of the speaking.


Catiua 2: The Quickening (sorry, I have nothing to add to all this!)

Brantyn, the current head of the Bakram empire, is actually Denim’s uncle it seems.

The proof is there, but there’s more to this.

Here’s the real kicker. She has indeed read the inscription before. Finally we see the reason why she’s been so desperate with Denim, she’s been trying to convince herself that she still had a bond with anyone. That’s why she feels so isolated.

…and she goes with them.

Catiua’s profile is updated for the first time.  We’ll be seeing her again.

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One Response to Seaside Rendezvous

  1. No! Why would Catiua join that pack of dogs the NWO?

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