Don’t Stop Me Now

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Don’t Stop Me Now.

This is the third time we’ve been here.

That’s the Siren class. Er… Witch. This is a little confusing, the old Witch is now called Enchantress, while Sirens are now Witches. In the old game Witches (now Enchantresses) were status magic users and Sirens (now Witches) were offensive magic users. Now they use both, and it seems like the Witch (and Warlock) is an upgrade over the Enchantress (and Wizard). …but I’m not sure yet. What I do know is that if I turned Yukiko into one, she’d be back at level 1 for a while, and that would be troublesome. Are we confused yet?

This is a huge moment, the final clash between the Galgastan and the Walister, and… wait, what’s that over there?

A… Necromancer? That’s a new class. I… I want it. Severian is a pretty badass name, too.

Xaebos has some choice words for the Galgastani in our ranks.

A shot of Jeunan’s red armor next to a normal Dragoon.

This is the end of Galgastan as we know it. Also, check out the blue trim on the Necromancer down there. I got him.

We reunite with the Xenobia crew at this point, sans Lans. He’s missing. Warren is also in a coma, but the White Knights are okay.

The World Tree zoomed out. I can even see the alternate paths that can be taken within a chapter.

A huge event like this calls for a huge influx of peoples. The biggest recruit here is Vyce. He has the unique Ranger class, which can dual wield. To my great surprise The Archer Formerly Known as Aloser comes along with him. I know for certain that this never happened in the past. She joins you in Chaos and will stick around even on Neutral, but you could NEVER get her on the Lawful path. I’m almost a bit disappointed (don’t get me wrong, The Archer Formerly Known as Aloser is great), but I don’t think one small change like this is enough to start crying out about the differences between the paths being made less poignant. …still, given her story, it seems very hard to believe she’d be a part of my crew. The only explanation is that she’s following Vyce. Might make for an interesting scene in the ending though, I guess we’ll see.

Oh, I also get the White Knights. I feel like I really only need one of them, so I choose to go with the burly Gildas. Seriously, look at him. So much burl. Actually, I made the choice because he’s the 2 handed sword user, and I didn’t have one of those. I didn’t have a one-handed sword user either until Vyce. They weren’t that great in the original game, but neither were Knights, and they improved astronomically. Oh, and how about that Bastard Sword… plus one?

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One Response to Don’t Stop Me Now

  1. Severian…Snape? I’ve never found a recruitable Necromancer in my game (yet).

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