I Want To Break Free

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by I Want To Break Free.

Here’s the new political shape of the island. It looks strong enough to contend with Bakram, but is it strong enough to deal with Lodis?

Our best chance to take back Rhime is to go around through a volcano. I can understand why no one would expect this, this map SUCKS. Though the bottomless pit I knocked a Ghost into is pretty cool.

Brantyn is all ready to get with the warfare, but Lodis says no.

Oh snap! With everything going on I had almost forgotten about him. Hobyrim is a blind Swordmaster. How can you NOT like that? In all three different chapter 3s, you have a chance to recruit him by saving him in battle, but each battle is different. The Chaos route one is especially tough.

…huh? Her expression changed. With a few notable exceptions, character portraits never change.

If you think this sounds heroic when you read it, read it as you listen to one of the best battle themes in the game that plays for the first time here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDFrpJc4hiE

While I admit my memory of the game isn’t perfect, I’m quite certain this never happened before. Ozma was always hateful.

Seems Swordmasters gets a Hamedo-like skill. It doesn’t stop the attack though, but that also still leaves the counter valid. I saw him preemptively attack a unit, get attacked, then counterattack.

Something is going on here.

Something… new.

I do remember that he’s from Lodis, but what was up back there with Ozma?

…well, alright then. I’m keeping my eye on you, buddy.

The Warren Report isn’t saying. Some help you are. …wait. …………wait. WAAAAAAAIT. …31? HE’S 31?! Did the original game not list ages, or did I somehow forget this? I was certain he was an old man.

…my mind is blown.

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One Response to I Want To Break Free

  1. HOB VAN DAM isn’t 31. There’s no way in hell a 31 year old sports that kind of gray mane. Chalk it up to Japanese games considering anyone over 19 to be a grizzled veteran.

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