If You Can’t Beat Them

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by If You Can’t Beat Them.

On the subject of misfortune, due to the way the PSP saves the images from the game, I actually lost a fair chunk of them not too long after this.  Tactics Ogre lets the player replay any plot scene so I was able to remake those images, but there won’t be many battles scenes for a time.

If you take a look at the card, you can actually see the small picture of The High Priestess on there.

Ha, I’m glad I didn’t lose this shot. This enemy seems to be named after the sound enemies made when they died in the original. “UUAH!”

A new multi-level bonus dungeon that opens up pretty early in the game, chapter 2. How far you are plot-wise determines how far in you can go.


Ouch. This area is a great place to recruit characters for their equipment, as they have a bunch of accessories I don’t have yet, and tend to have weapons just one level beyond what I can currently buy at the shop.

That’s not gonna be good for business.

Death blooms.

Check out all of those new recruits at the bottom. The humans and most humanoids are only around long enough to strip of their equipment, and then sold. The beast and dragons are to be auctioned off. The money I get from them isn’t much, but they allow me to buy some higher-level crafting materials (which will save time later) and an item that gives permanent stat bonuses. L-sized animals are actually really really good in this game, and they aren’t boring either as they have their own extensive skill list to learn. I like the humans though, and have enough characters to play with as it is.

A cockatrice about to do 129 damage by throwing a rock. Also, what 9 movement range looks like. Both things only possible through a buff of sorts that wears off after use, but it’s still impressive.

Back to the plot, Ozma asks Balxephon just what the hell is up with Hobyrim, but there’s no time to settle this matter now as we’re attacking their castle.

Geez Denim, now you’re just asking for something big to happen.


This is horrifying. She’s gone dark. At this point Denim still thought she was back at home.

What followed was an epic battle, three times larger than the final battle in Return of the King. It won’t be shown here, but by the end Oz was dead and Balxephon had retreated.

…and with that, we come to…

Chapter 3 (Law)… end.

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One Response to If You Can’t Beat Them

  1. Auctioning off beasts? You MONSTER! This post concludes at the spot I’m at in the game currently. I believe I’ve gone to Neutral, after a Chaos start. For me the final battle of Chapter 3 was against Oz and Ozma, and it was rough.

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