Hang On In There

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Hang On In There.

Here’s the opening video for the final chapter.

Lans, meet Lans.

They talk philosophy for a while.

Tartaros demonstrates his point.

She’s not thinking straight, and it’s bad news for the country.

Says the Knight of Lodis. Seems this wasn’t their first meeting after all.

The final chapter begins with an uprising from the church. This isn’t gonna be like FFT, though.

This is a hint as to what you should do. If you go around the back of the castle, no more what, they see you as sneaking in and you have to fight. If you go to the front but set up normally, they see you armed and with soldiers, and you have to fight. If you remove the battle party to just Denim and take off his equipment, you avoid battle altogether.

Another shot of the timeline, now in Chapter IV.

See?  No fight.

Denim’s father lives! …but not for much longer, thanks to torture at the hands of the Dark Knights. What will happen now?

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One Response to Hang On In There

  1. “You have both your eyes, yet you see less clearly than I” is a great line from a great character. The Dark Knights sure like their torturing, eh?

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