Father To Son

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Father to Son.

We get some flashbacks here.

Then she died. This game can be quite the downer-fest at times.

This was surprising to me, I suppose I had forgotten. Denim did actually have a sister named Catiua that he never knew.

Those are the accessories we have today. He didn’t sell them.

Catiua needs to know this.

She also needs to know this. …although at this point, I doubt she would care.

This is important to the choices that can be made later, and what ending the player receives. As we already know, the game certainly has no problem going forward with the darker path.

Prancet is no more.

This is a lot for him to take in.

Well here’s an interesting twist.

Turns out that Denim knew all four of the sisters as a child, but it was so long ago that he had forgotten.

He could use a pep talk at this point.

As for our next goal…

We need to find her father.

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1 Response to Father To Son

  1. Olivya’s pep talk is a good moment. Reminds me of Zidane’s “you’re not alone” scene late in FF9, only without all the ham-handedness.

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