Crazy Little Thing Called Love

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Alright, this part of the plot gets summed up a bit due to the image loss. The big missing piece is that I fought the last of the four sisters, Sherri, here. She’s working for the Bakram. Also note that despite the picture, Cistina and Cerya aren’t here. They could be in other routes, though.

Here’s something I had to find in the Warren Report.

There’s Tristan from Ogre Battle. Now this matches up with Lodis’s MO alright. Also, to be specific, it was Lanselot Tartaros who stole the sword. That was when Lanselot Hamilton took his eye. I should note that this is also the part of the game where a whole bunch of side quests become available, just like in FFT.

At this point the player has to make it rain in the marsh right outside of Balmamusa to get this scene.

Do you know what this means?

Sherri get. I finally have a special character that uses magic. I just got a special healer in Olivya. Most of the rabble before this were fighters.

Here’s a brand new character. I’ll tackle the rest of his sidequest later.

Here’s most of the remaining Dark Knights. Ozma is furious.

Well that’s a flimsy excuse if I’ve ever heard one. What followed was that insane battle against over a dozen overleveled DKs. I just barely made it out by taking out the two bosses.

The whole f’n show!

Here comes his full backstory.

Lodis politics, and DK Hobyrim.

As if the guy couldn’t get any more badass.

“The empire’s evil… but not all of its citizens are!” Sorry, I just replayed Final Fantasy VI recently.

To recruit Ozma, select the option that Denim holds her responsible for his father’s death as well. I suppose it equals things out.

The new content has done a really good job of being a part of the whole game, and not just extra stuff tacked on.

Ozma get. Pretty crazy to think that this could even be possible, but it was set up on the Law route right from the beginning with Hobyrim. Onward.

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One Response to Crazy Little Thing Called Love

  1. You’re right about there being a huge amount of sidequests at this point. There was no chance I’d get Ozma in my game… she’s long since dead.

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