Dragon Attack

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Dragon Attack.

We’re now caught up with normal screenshots again. Been keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I don’t plan on hitting up the Hell Gate yet (think Deep Dungeon), but there are a few other battles in the region and someone I want to get on the way.

I took this shot to test the screenshot function. It’s a nice updated army screen though.

A Necromancer and a Fusiler. The Fusiler isn’t a new class (it’s a Gunner), but it does have a new sprite.

Only himself, a warlock, a wizard, and a berserker are left, so Reymos zombifies all eight of Ocionne’s dragons. One for each element. This is notable as Deneb has some insane recruit requirements and part of it involves auctioning three dragons of each element. Counting the rare Hydra, that’s 27 dragons.

Hobyrim’s Swordmaster War Dance skills are similar to FFT’s Samurai skills. So far I’ve caught two speeches for them.

You can only get Jeunan on the Law path because he identifies with you as a man trying to atone for a terrible mistake.

Oh yeah, the dragons. I was disheartened that they were zombified as I assumed that meant I couldn’t get them. I was wrong. To my great surprise you can still recruit them, and I picked up six. At the end of the battle though, a “ZOMBIE” message with a booing sound popped up for each one of them and my EXP was docked. The dragons got no EXP or skill points either. What actually happened is pretty obvious, but I still don’t know the exact mechanics of it. Been trying to find out, but no luck so far. I imagine it’s some sort of defense to prevent you from having an always-raising unstoppable undead army.

I discovered that you can’t auction off zombie dragons, either. It took some money and some work to cure their zombie state, but I did it.

You never get past this, and really, you shouldn’t.

She’s got one dragon left, and the battle is on.

Very cool underground waterway level. It’s an interesting fight as you need to prompt a lot of conversations in order to recruit her, but she starts right next to the leader and can rip him apart.

I imagine she’ll also attack us if she ever got close enough.

This is less a battle and more an interactive cutscene.

If you make it this far, you’re in the clear and can win the battle.

And with that…

She joins.

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One Response to Dragon Attack

  1. Deneb is gorgeous. I’d like to get her in my game, but recruiting nearly 30 dragons is just too much of a timesink.

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