This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Breakthru.

Here’s the plan. We begin the attack on the Bakram/Dark Knights, but the purpose isn’t to wage war, it’s to get Catiua back.

Check out our dual wielding heroes. The Bakram don’t have a chance. All of those +1s (and superiors) is from crafting.




Another fairly straightforward battle as we tear our way through the countryside.

I’ve got a number of these from auctioning off dragons. Rather than just blow them all for the stat gains, I’m keeping them around for the 50 TP bonus. I can use this on the first round to get enough TP to use Steelstance. It raises defense until the next turn (though not as much as Phalanx), which is highly needed when my main character is a Ninja all by himself.

Negative status effect spells are really handy in this game. Set the characters up right and they tend to work, so it’s more like have Beowulf using them instead of an Oracle.

Check out that name. It’s a really weird spelling of Winifred.

Ozma backing up the Whole F’n Show.

You can tell we’re getting close when we start fighting Dark Knights.

As you can probably imagine, Ozma is going to have a lot of interactions with the various Knight Commanders.

I win without too much trouble, but he gets away.  Onward.

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One Response to Breakthru

  1. Andoras is a badass. His portrait is really off-looking, though.

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