Hammer To Fall

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Hammer to Fall.


Got an entry for a character that I don’t believe ever appears in the game. This is the formerly named Gilbert. I took this picture because it was cool to see an entry on him.  He DOES show up in Ogre Battle 64. That game tends to get the major OB characters that TO didn’t have.


Hey, look at that, Move +1. The earliest movement skill of FFT is an endgame-level skill here.

SS_0010  SS_0014 SS_0015

Not unlike the Nazis in Indiana Jones films, Lodis is all about ancient artifacts of power, even though they already have a dominating empire. In all honesty their scheming to control another country (when they don’t outright take it over themselves) would be enough plot-wise, but the game goes the supernatural route near the end. FFT does the same thing, but it starts much earlier.

SS_0016 SS_0017

It’s badass when he gets called “Tartaros.”

SS_0018 SS_0019

Erm, Denim, Ozma is right over there, might not want to be reminding her of how you killed her brother.

SS_0020 SS_0021 SS_0022 SS_0023


SS_0024 SS_0025

…well that was an unexpected bit of humor.

SS_0026 SS_0027 SS_0028


SS_0029 SS_0030 SS_0031

Oz was a dick and he isn’t missed.


I can’t remember exactly when I realized that Anatomy would be a good thing to add to Denim’s skill list, but it was probably still in chapter 1. It JUST hit rank 2. Out of 8. These things level extremely slowly, though persistence does pay off. Canopus has maxed out his bow skills and has all four of its finishers (2, 4, 6, and 8). My Denim (at this time, not back when I took this picture) has maxed katanas as well, though dual-wielding does let you do it twice as fast.


Petrify is still quite useful, but not broken like it used to be. It can (and will) wear off naturally, and you can’t do nearly as much damage to units while they’re stoned. Often it’s a better idea to charm them instead, but nothing outside of death will keep them out of the picture for too long.


Castles are no match for Canopus.

SS_0037 SS_0038 SS_0039

All DKs commanders have one of these. They hurt like hell. I’m not sure of their true nature, it might be a level 8 finishing move.

SS_0040 SS_0041

About half of my crew has something to say to Barbas as it turns out.

SS_0042 SS_0043

So much burl.

SS_0044 SS_0045 SS_0046

Wasn’t expecting that.

SS_0048 SS_0049 SS_0050 SS_0051 SS_0052 SS_0053

A little more humor mixed in with the serious.


Barbas manages to get away.  Well, there are more important things to do now.

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One Response to Hammer To Fall

  1. “A bird’s place is the stewpot” is a hilarious insult to Canopus. Most of this dialogue didn’t occur in my game, and I suspect Vyce was dead by this point. The cool thing about TO is the sheer variety of events.

    Petrify may not be broken, but it cost me not one but two battles later on when I had crucial characters get petrified for several turns. That’s just overpowered.

    Move +1 is a lot better as an early-game skill. One thing I disliked about TO was the general lack of mobility most of the classes had (aside from Canopus and my Ninjas).

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