The March of the Black Queen

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by The March of the Black Queen.


Here we go.

SS_0059 SS_0060 SS_0061

We finally get to fight Tartaros himself.

SS_0063 SS_0064

…and Catiua.

SS_0065 SS_0066 SS_0067 SS_0068 SS_0069 SS_0070

Mr. Monday Night and Tartaros chat it up a bit.

SS_0071 SS_0072 SS_0073

Denim finally gets a chance to fill her in on what the Dark Knights are doing.

SS_0074 SS_0075 SS_0076

Shut up Alphonse!

SS_0077 SS_0078 SS_0079

She doesn’t care.

SS_0080 SS_0081 SS_0083

Traded barbs between Dark Knights.

SS_0085 SS_0086 SS_0087 SS_0088 SS_0089 SS_0090

I like this version of Vyce a lot more than the other one.

SS_0091 SS_0092 SS_0093

Damn straight.

SS_0096 SS_0097

Catiua tends to make a point of targeting Denim.  Ouch.


These are the kind of cool shots that I regret losing for the end of Chapter 3.  This is battle is even more important, and it would have been worse to lose the screenshots I took here, I suppose.


I make a point to never attack Catiua and just focus on the DKs. Eventually Lans is the only one left.

SS_0103 SS_0104 SS_0105 SS_0106 SS_0107 SS_0108

With that, the High Commander flees.  The most important part is what’s to come.

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One Response to The March of the Black Queen

  1. JDRicardi says:

    -Lans is incredibly bad-ass. It’s hard to believe he’s the kid from Knight of Lodis.

    -Versalia is quite a name.

    -Catiua verged on annoying me at this point in the game. I can only take so much of characters “losing their minds” before they become the enemy.

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