Don’t Try Suicide

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Don’t Try Suicide.


Boner: “Warning, the following images contain extremely depressing content that should not be viewed until the viewer is ready to immediately read the next post. The creator decided to include this to stress the importance of making the right choice.”


For the only time in the game that I know of, you’re given a save prompt before a cut-scene and not a battle. There’s a good reason for this, as I actually say the wrong thing the first time.

SS_0121 SS_0122 SS_0123 SS_0124 SS_0125 SS_0126 SS_0127 SS_0128 SS_0129 SS_0130


SS_0131 SS_0132 SS_0133


SS_0134  SS_0136

I can’t believe this was in a SNES game.


This is all wrong. If you continue from here you unlock the exclusive Lord class for Denim, the best class in the game.

…forget that.

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One Response to Don’t Try Suicide

  1. JDRicardi says:

    Eh. I should have a better grasp on this than most, but I’m still irritated with Catiua for being so self-absorbed when she clearly has people who are looking out for her.

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