Let Us Cling Together

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Let Us Cling Together.


Here’s the scene proper.

SS_0110 SS_0112 SS_0114 SS_0115 SS_0116 SS_0118 SS_0119

This is the first question prompt.

SS_0139 SS_0141 SS_0142

Denim has to own up to leaving her (even though she’s the one that left… but what do I know), and then we have another question prompt. The wrong words here have the same catastrophic effect.

 SS_0144 SS_0145 SS_0146 SS_0147 SS_0148 SS_0149

Her problems began when she overheard that Prancet wasn’t her real father, but she never confronted him about it. This is what she needed to hear.

SS_0150 SS_0152 SS_0153

That did it.

SS_0154 SS_0155

With that, Catiua is back on the team.

SS_0158 SS_0159

You better believe it.

SS_0160 SS_0161 SS_0162 SS_0163 SS_0164 SS_0165

This is the real turning point of the war, as now we have both the people and the legitimate heir on our side. But is Catiua up to this?

SS_0166 SS_0168 SS_0169 SS_0171 SS_0172 SS_0173 SS_0175



She joins back up as a Priest, with the option to change to a Princess. There’s even a way later to change her back into a Dark Priest, giving her three unique classes. I stick with Priest because she can use offensive magic (as long as it’s divine based) just as well as she can heal. I’ve given some thought to the idea of making her a fighter-type class since she carries a sword in nearly every piece of art I’ve ever seen of her and I have the option to now, but it’d be a shame to waste three classes entirely.


Here’s our new lineup. Not too shabby.

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2 Responses to Let Us Cling Together

  1. JDRicardi says:

    There we go, she isn’t so irritating now.

    “Abuna” reminds me of Akuma.

    That’s a hell of a lineup going on there. This makes me want to play… FF12, oddly enough.

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