Doing All Right

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Doing All Right.


Everything’s patched up now, which makes it a good time to tackle some of the sidequests. Check out Lanselot Tartaros looking on creepily.


First Lich sighting.


Cool beach level, although Octopi are nightmare units. Whenever you fight them you have to base your strategy around making sure they don’t get a chance to use their special attack. …and yes, they would be just as overpowered on your team as well.


I… don’t show some respect for Judge Reinhold.


Here’s the Mustadio of the game.


I don’t even want to imagine a Lodis with guns.


I pick up Ganpp. Will I ever use him? Probably not. Got his gryphons too.


Fred haiku.


Catiua is absolutely fantastic as a Priest. She can heal people, remove bad status effects, cast haste on them, and even use offensive attack magic with the best of them. Hybrid-type characters don’t work well in this game because of the limited (10) skill slots you have for setting up your peeps, but she only needs 1 slot for spell power increase. Normally I give my mages the spell accuracy as well, but that’s generally only needed for inflicting status effects, and the Divine tree doesn’t have any of those other than silence. …and that one may as well not count next to Petrify, Charm, Sleep, Slow, Bind, and Shackle.


This is one of the bigger sidequests. You get a lot of endgame stuff, and each of the six temples is about five or so floors deep. Once you finish them all, you unlock the Shaman class, and you can re-tackle the fortresses for more loot.


The bosses tend to be like this, too.


He is no match for Catiua!


I pick up all three of the Hydras that I need here, too. Damn Deneb and her Orb Obsession.


I guess I should have taken a shot of all of them, but I got half at least.

SS_0108 SS_0109

Here’s the first time I see a summon in the game. (Ninja Summons don’t count) I recruited the guy because of it, but the game saw fit to remove that spell from his inventory after he joined me. Jerks.


Wow, this is nice. If you have 99 items and pick up something, it gets converted to money automatically. Why did it take this long for a game to think of doing this?



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One Response to Doing All Right

  1. JDRicardi says:

    Octopi may be nightmare units, but they’re also solely responsible for pleasuring the young women of Japan.

    Ganpp’s dialogue is awesome, with the food references and all.

    O’Brien has been the whipping boy for THE LAST TIME!

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