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This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Gimme the Prize.


The Tarot cards you pick up in battle aren’t just stat boosters, they can be used for buffs or debuffs. By far the best one is the Fortune card which lets your character teleport for a few rounds. Very useful for anyone, particularly archers.

SS_0008 SS_0009  SS_0011 SS_0012

It turns out one of the coins does have a use besides selling. The silver one can also be used to scavenge skills from a dead unit. I gave it a try on someone I randomly recruited, and it worked. Cool stuff.


Here’s a more recent Warren Report screen.

SS_0017 SS_0019

I venture just a little bit into the Palace of the Dead (Hell Gate) to pick up Rudlum.

 SS_0055 SS_0056 SS_0057

Time to do more of the Azelstan quest.


Saving him is gonna be a little harder.


I’ve been wanting a Hydra of my own, and this one was randomly named Nyx. That would fit nicely with my Persona named characters. No matter what I had to get this one, and I did.

SS_0063 SS_0064 SS_0065

I lost the screenshots from earlier when you see one of the orphans sticking to him, but now she’s dead.


This is the point where you need to enter The Pirate’s Graveyard.


Meditate is a skill that restores 5-10 MP for 15 TP. At rank 1. At rank 5, it’s 25-30. The +4 on her rank is from the equipment, so you can see how proper armor can make a huge difference.


Denim has been a Ninja for so long that he’s turned into Raphael!

SS_0071 SS_0073

At floor 3 you can recruit him for good. His class is Buccaneer (also unlocks the class for Denim and Vyce), which is one of the few classes that can dual wield. He can also be a Ranger (Vyce’s formerly exclusive class).

SS_0074 SS_0075 SS_0076

I mentioned before that he was completely new to this game, right?


I’ve been looking for a permanent Hawkman too, and I found him.

SS_0078 SS_0079

This level can be a real pain to navigate, but at least Catiua has my back.


Female Lich.


Oh, this is a fun memory. Deep in the graveyard, around level 9 or so, I run into this guy. I remember that shield from the original game, and had been wondering when I would see it. It took some doing, but I recruited him and got his stuff. No one can use it though because it’s level 28. Which surprised me until I saw HIS level. This one guy is at least 5 levels higher than anyone else on the map, and he’s not the boss or anything. This became common during the last few stages of the dungeon, one over-leveled guy.

SS_0099 SS_0100 SS_0101 SS_0102 SS_0103 SS_0104

I take the prize, but you don’t have to. The money isn’t much, but you get a few nice items. …and the Grave Robber title.


Pretty sure this place stays open to future quests too. It’s 12 stages long, though the path isn’t entirely linear. Fun stuff.

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One Response to Gimme the Prize

  1. JD Ricardi says:

    Denim doesn’t let profit dictate what he does? But what of the free market? Ayn Time! Bootstraps! GOP 2016!

    The way characters speak in all caps (sort of) in this game makes the speech look particularly deep and dramatic. Not much room for humor in this story, regardless.

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