We Are The Champions


Lanselot Hamilton has been tortured to the point where he’s lost his mind.  I get his sword Lombardia to finish the job he came here to do.


More Xenobian hijinks.  Really powerful mages are kinda scary.


Here’s the final dungeon.  It has about 20 levels total, although you’ll only go through about 10 of them.  …yeah, only.


Even at the end of the game Canopus is still one of the best units.


Sick burn, Denim.


The Hanging Gardens is a tower created by Dorgalua.  Something about the Xenobian sword can unlock something here.


His final words.


That’s not some random light show, that’s the divine element symbol.


Here’s what the DKs came for.




The last of the DKs we have to fight.


This is a 5 on 2 battle.  I go with Denim, Catiua, Vyce, Canopus, and Olivya.


Barbas doesn’t get it.


Like hell!


Even his finishing blow isn’t enough to take our heroes out.  It’s over.


There we go.  Time to take the sword back to the Xenobians, and…


…uh oh.  That’s the darkness element symbol.  Looks like things are about to get real here.

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One Response to We Are The Champions

  1. JD Ricardi says:

    That verbal joust between Canopus and Deneb was amazing. If this were a TV show, I’d suspect it was leading to the two of them banging.

    The Hanging Gardens sorta remind me of the optional uber-dungeon in FF1 PSP. It has thirty floors, but you only need to get through ten of them (randomly selected) to reach the boss.

    Andoras has an odd character portrait. It just looks different in design from all of the other portraits in this game.

    I like the stonehenge that stands over the chaos gate. Reminds me of stonehenges in Everquest that always denote teleport locations.

    I also like the giant spell-element symbols. Things like that make good back-of-case screenshots.

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