The Show Must Go On


He doesn’t resemble Rob Zombie quite as much as he did in the old version.


In what is a bit of a bummer, I’m not a high enough level to use Brynhildr.


Originally, the final battle was a lot like most of the big FFT battles, one super-powerful enemy that gets overwhelmed by the numbers of your group.  …not anymore.  You have to fight not just him, but perfect clones of your entire group.  There’s no way to grind past this one, you just have to have more intelligence than the enemy AI (…plus one).


He’s a pretty tough unit.

SS_0137SS_0136 SS_0139

It really is Dorgalua, completely corrupted.


Come on now, perfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything.

SS_0142 SS_0144 SS_0145

I like the concept of the fight so much that I don’t even go for the rushdown kill, I fight off the entire army of clones.  It was one hell of a fight to say the least, but now it’s over.

SS_0146 SS_0147 SS_0149

…or not.  I have to admit this is really cool.  You don’t get a heal in-between fights either.  Still, now it’s twelve on one.



SS_0151 SS_0152 SS_0153

Even as a god he can’t beat the numbers game.

SS_0155 SS_0157 SS_0158 SS_0159

Warren shows up to save us from the possible fate of the FFT heroes, but he himself is left behind.

SS_0161 SS_0162 SS_0163

Here’s the ending.  One of the better endings as things end on a mostly positive note.

SS_0165 SS_0166 SS_0167 SS_0168 SS_0169 SS_0170

With such a large cast you can only see so many of their endings based on a number of factors.

SS_0179 SS_0180

Ravness was an excellent addition to the game.

SS_0171 SS_0172 SS_0173 SS_0175 SS_0176 SS_0177

The Xenobians head back home, with Denim soon to follow.


Yes, this is definitely one of the better endings.  Denim can be killed in a bad ending.

SS_0182 SS_0183 SS_0184 SS_0185

These people are all very awesome.

SS_0186 SS_0187 SS_0188

…sequel please.


In my opinion this is one of the best games ever, and the remake solidifies that claim.

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2 Responses to The Show Must Go On

  1. JD Ricardi says:

    For the beefed-up final battle in this one, I’m pretty sure I won by just targeting Dorgalua and ignoring the five clones. So it isn’t like you have to defeat all of them, thankfully. I had an overpowered party of ninjas, if I remember right, so the mirror universe party had some serious damage output.

    Or maybe I’m just thinking about the final-final battle when I think of everyone wailing on the boss. Not sure.

    I’m guessing Warren will be back. Always thought he was some kind of immortal.

    • You’re right, you don’t have to fight all of those clones, you can rush Dorgalua. I really wanted to though after I saw what an brilliant challenge it was, and I did pretty well against them.

      Oh wait, I did mention that after all:
      “I like the concept of the fight so much that I don’t even go for the rushdown kill, I fight off the entire army of clones. It was one hell of a fight to say the least, but now it’s over.”

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