We Will Rock You


It’s the final push to take the capital.  Standard-issue lying about what our heroes will do if they win here.


Hob Van Dam doesn’t have time for that.

SS_0005 SS_0006 SS_0007

We’ve reached Heim.

SS_0009 SS_0011 SS_0013

Some shit goes down and Barbas gets his heat back.  Looking back at this later they actually very subtly set this double-cross up.  Barbas, Martym, and Andoras capture Tartaros, Balxephon, and Volaq.


Martym is this jerk.  The purpose of their double-cross is to get the Xenobian sword.

SS_0016 SS_0017

When it comes down to it, Lodis is a huge superpower and the only chance Valeria would have to stand against it would be a completely unified country ready for them.  After this scene the three of them break free and take off.


Oh, and the renegade DKs leave the Bakram hanging too.  They just wanted the sword.


This is a big one, folks.  Dark Bishop is one of those “boss-only” classes.


As if that’s gonna work at this point.


Yeah, answer that!


Yeah yeah.


That’s what happened, too.  Brantyn dies here.


Well, the country is unified, but it’s not over yet.


The Hanging Gardens is the final dungeon.  We’re almost at the end!

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One Response to We Will Rock You

  1. JD Ricardi says:

    Dark Bishop would be an awesome advanced class. Something that requires several other classes to be built-up to unlock. It sounds like an ultimate caster type class. It’d go well with Dark Knight as the omni-physical class. That said, I’m not really a fan of having “ultimate classes”. FF3 (NES) lacked variety towards the end when you didn’t have much choice but to go with Ninjas and Sages.

    “When you lack a silver spoon, you fashion one of steel” is quite a line.

    I remember the Hanging Gardens very well. Oddly enough, I remember the SNES version, which I played in 2003 or so, better than I remember the PSP version from last year.

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