Get Down, Make Love

This Tactics Ogre post is brought to you by Get Down, Make Love.


I got Rudlum.  Warlocks are interesting although I don’t use them much.


You and me both, buddy.  There’s something I have to take care of here…

 SS_0004 SS_0005

See that Glass Pumpkin there? I need 30 of those.


Here’s my strategy to get them. Familiars in this dungeon randomly drop them, and the first level has a few. It’s also a great level where you start at the top of the map, and Familiars are squishy and generally die in one hit to a powerful archer. So I start the level, and immediately cap a few. I make sure they drop items instead of cards by using the Chariot to go back if they give me the wrong thing. Then once I have a few bags on the map, I retreat. It’s a much faster way of picking up the bags. This only takes a couple minutes to do. Unfortunately, I tend to get a pumpkin only once every 3-4 tries. This took me a number of hours, so I recommend trying to do something else at the same time.


This only happened once, I’m sorry to say.


30! YES!


Ack, my money count is covered by the tag. Well, the plus side about the insane pumpkin hunt is that you make a ton of money. I had somewhere in the area of 200,000 before this, now it’s 850,000. Which is very good, because I’ve got to spend about half of this on the classiest lady in Valeria.

SS_0010 SS_0011 SS_0013 SS_0015 SS_0017 SS_0018 SS_0019 SS_0020 SS_0021

Some highlights from the funniest conversation in the game.


She joins as a guest at first, so you can’t change her class. She starts as a standard Witch, but if you sell her 30 glass pumpkins before this scene, you can get her unique Wicce class once she joins up for real.


Ha ha.

SS_0028 SS_0029

This is pretty silly.

SS_0030 SS_0031 SS_0032

Good stuff.


I could be wrong, but this is probably the only time you see pumpkin units. They all fall quickly.

SS_0034 SS_0035 SS_0036

There, it’s all done.

SS_0037 SS_0038

Time to get back to the plot and finish the game. Stan the Fan has been waiting forever. Ozma is psyched!

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One Response to Get Down, Make Love

  1. JD Ricardi says:

    The glass pumpkin farming is very Everquest-like. Not sure if MMOs still do stuff like that, but EQ has a lot of side-quests where you need to farm for hours to get ingredients for some super-item. I personally like the idea of having to put in time to get something good that not many other people have. If it’s a farm that doesn’t require too much brain-power, even better. It’s relaxing.

    “Punkinstopheles” is quite a parody of a name.

    Deneb is gorgeous. I particularly like her collar. Something about collars on women is a perfect storm of cute and “gets the motor running”. It’s got the same connotations as ankle-straps on heels, I suppose.

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